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How it works




You can subscribe to a free trial for the first 2 weeks without any further obligations. This subscription will automatically end after 2 weeks. To sign up for the free trial subscription, MyinstoreMusic asks you to create an account with your company and address details.


If you choose to subscribe to a paid plan, you can choose from 5 options on the license page. The number of locations in your company where you want to stream music determines how many licenses you subscribe to. The more licenses you order, the lower the subscription price per license.


After selecting the number of licenses you want to subscribe to, you will be directed to the sign-up page. If you don’t have an account yet, you can fill in your company and address details on the sign-up page to create an account. You will also see the costs for the option you have chosen.


After signing up, you can immediately use the 15 music channels.




The billing period depends on the chosen license option. If the number of ordered licenses is less than 100, the subscription is billed annually. If the number of licenses is equal to or greater than 100, billing is done monthly.


After making the first payment, subsequent payments will occur automatically until you cancel the subscription. The subscription essentially continues indefinitely until you cancel it via the “My Account” page, and a payment will automatically be made after each payment period with the payment method you provided.


You will receive a VAT invoice after each payment. If you want to change the payment method, the active subscription must be canceled first, and a new subscription must be opened with the new payment method.



MyinstoreMusic December 14, 2023