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24/7 High Quality Background Music for a Low Price, WHY? Our musiclabels deliver direct to you !

High Quality Music & Professional Music Producers who will Serve your Business needs.

MyInStoreMusic is a collaboration between various independent Music Labels who decided together to reject their music from the Performance Rights Organisations (PROs). By doing this we are able to Serve your Business with Royalty Free Music, so your Business can get what it needs and you don’t need to worry about any Third Parties Authorities. You get the most affordable

Background Music for Your Business

straight from where it’s been produced.

We work with populair artist for our Background Music

An example of

Different Sectors we Serve

Shopping Malls

Public Places like Shopping Center, Train Stations and Town centers.

Bars & Restaurants

Restaurants, Bars, Lunchrooms, Diners and other Service areas,


For your Hotel, Hostels, Nursing and Elderly Care Homes and even Hospitals.


On your Office work-floor, Client/Service Desk, Waiting room or the On-Hold function on your Telephone.

Fashion & Retails Stores

We have a Specialized Music Catalog for your Fashion Store or Retail.

Franchises & Chain Stores

We offer Special Prices for Chain Stores and Franchises. This starts as low as 5 Stores. See prices for Chains & Franchices.

How does it work

How to get Connected and what to Expect


Choose Your Plan

The Membership Plans are divided in 5 categories of different sizes, of these you have to choose the one that corresponds your Store’s  Floor Space. After that you have the choice of a Monthly or Annually Contract.

Various Music Genres

You can choose between any of our Music Genre, choose the one that Serves your Business best. You can, at all time switch between 20 Music Channels, which we provide at this moment.



After choosing the corresponding Membership Plan and a contract of Choice you go to the Checkout Page. After completion you will receive an Email for verification. Respond and your Registration is complete.



Our Music Libraries will constantly be updated with new Music and Music Genres



With your subscription comes a Certificate of Authenticity. This Certificate gives you the Right Of Use of our Music. You can use this when necessary to show to any “Copyright Collectives”. Valid during period of Subscription.

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We serve your Background Music so you can focus on your Business & Clientele.

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