What are Performance Rights Organisations (PROs)?

Performance Rights Organisations (PROs), also known as Copyright Collectives or Copyright Collecting Agencies and various other names in different Countries. Why are they there,what is it what they do and why don’t we work with them..

See here ‘a Wikipedia’ of what they do more and how they started.

Why are they there and what work they do..

  • These Organizations control/check the rights of the Performers. Musician, Authors, Producers, Designer etc.
  • On any work what you create you have Rights. These Organizations are there to collect your Rights.

Why don’t we work with them..

It’s always your own choice if you public your work under these Rights Organizations, if you don’t do this does not mean that you don’t have Rights on your work. And it also does not mean that anyone can pick-up your work and do with it what ever they like. NO..

We have decided to not work with these Organization and to collect our Right ourselves. That’s how our site works. We give you the Right to use our Music for the time that you are Registered with us. We give you a Certificate which gives you the Rights to use our Music as Background Music of your Store, Restaurant etc. For example, this does not give you the Rights to use our Music in YouTube Videos or to reproduce it.