How does it work

Getting Started

Where to Start

Below on this page you can listen to the various Genres we have to offer sofar. Every player here gives you a short summary of the Style of Music.

Selecting your Plan

Next, go the Pricing tap on the top of the screen. Here you select a Plan that equals the Work floor of your business. Then you’ll be send to the Checkout Page.

Enjoying your Music

When you completed the Checkout you’ll be forwarded to the Music Library where you select you Music Station of choice. You can change your Station at any time. Enjoy!

Certificate of Authenticity.


This Certificate gives you the right of the use of our Music and can be used by you to show the Authorities that you don´t need to pay any Third Parties. The Certificate if valid as long as you are in our system with an active ‘Annually Plan’.

Pre-listening the Stations